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Website localization, the process of adapting a website’s content, language, and design to meet the specific requirements of particular target market, is essential for any global brand.

It is a complex process and a huge commitment for any business in terms of cost and time, but it is worth it for many reasons.

Read on to discover our top five benefits of website localization for global brands…



1. Increased Global Reach

Website localization allows global brands to expand their reach and connect with customers in different countries and regions.

By adapting the language, content and design of a website to local preferences and expectations, brands can appeal to customers who might otherwise be deterred by language barriers or cultural differences.

Multilingual websites increase opportunities for global brands by ensuring customers whose first language isn’t English, are able to find and navigate the site, then confidently make a purchase using their local currency.



2. Superior Customer Engagement

A professionally localized website is more likely to engage customers and keep them on the site for longer, encouraging better customer engagement with your brand, products and services.

When customers feel that a company understands their requirements and preferences, they are more likely to have a positive experience with the brand and go on to make a purchase.

By offering a localised website, your company will communicate with customers in a language they understand, engaging with them on a deeper level, and ultimately promote a positive brand image.

First impressions are important and if a customer has a good experience while using your localised website, they will tell their friends and family, and return to your site again.


3. Enhanced Brand Appeal

By investing in website localization, your brand demonstrates its commitment to understanding and serving local customers.

This will improve your brand’s image and reputation, making it more appealing to customers in different regions.

Website localisation will also increase sales as research shows that around 40% of consumers won’t buy from a website in another language, while 65% prefer content in their native language.



4. Improved SEO

Localising keywords and optimising website content for local search engines offers improved search engine ranking and will attract more traffic to your site.

This leads to increased visibility and ultimately, more sales.

With online competition at an all time high, it has never been more important for a brand to ensure potential customers can find them with ease, explore their site, and engage with content at every stage of their browsing and purchasing experience.



5. Increased Sales

Moving into new markets, especially ones with different languages or cultures, has many potential pitfalls.

However, professional website localisation offers a cost-effective way for brands looking to explore new markets and increase their global reach, without falling foul of these pitfalls.

And, while website localisation can be a burden on company finances, it does offer a good return on investment.

The increased traffic to your site, the improved engagement, and better brand appeal, all encourage new customers to make purchases and invest in your brand time and again.


Website localisation is a vital part of every company’s strategy for success in international markets, and at Creative Word, we’ve been helping global brands achieve this international success for over twenty years, so we know just what it takes.

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