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Soft-Skills Training Courses

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Are you looking for a trusted and reliable Training Agency?

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Soft Skills Training Services

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At Creative Word we are aware that People Skills play an important role in opening doors, and are crucial for career success.

We truly believe that your work ethic, communication skills, emotional intelligence, attitude, and other personal attributes are the soft skills that make you a leader.

Having good Soft Skills and knowing how to get along with people makes for easier problem solving, delegating, motivating and team building.

The importance of Soft Skills is often undervalued and there is far less training provided for them than Hard Skills.

  • “Soft Skills”: The skills which characterise relationships with other people, or how you approach life and work.
  • “Hard Skills”: are the job-specific skills.


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Types of Soft Skills Courses

Business Skills

Human Resource

Customer Service

Finance Training

Communication Skills

International Business

Management & Leadership

Marketing Training

Personal Development

Sales Training

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Our Trainers

At Creative Word our trainers come with a wealth of experience and knowledge and are experts in delivering general and bespoke training programmes.

With at least 10 years’ experience, our trainers are experts in dealing with all the challenges of face to face and online training.

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