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Creative Word provides engineering translation services to a client base throughout Europe and the GCC, with our roots in the UAE we are known for our Arabic translations but have specialists in many other world languages.
With offices in the UK, Dubai UAE, China and Germany, we understand the needs of our customers as well as the demands of international industry.
Our scientific and technical translation specialists handle hundreds if not thousands of different engineering translation projects annually. They each have an area of special focus, and have years of experience providing fast, accurate and reliable translations for clients in the automotive, resource extraction, aerospace and many other industries.
If you are looking for a highly skilled organisation who specialises in scientific and technical translation in over 80 languages, look no further.

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We’ve spent years building the perfect technical translation team with real world experience in a wide range of technical and engineering industries.
Some of our technical translation experts are native speakers of Arabic while others’ first languages include Chinese, Farsi, Italian and more. All have extensive technical knowledge, and that means we can deliver translations both to and from English with the highest levels of fluency and technical accuracy.
A great deal of our work involves making professional technical translations into and out of Arabic. In addition to technical and engineering projects, we offer:

  • Scientific Translations
  • Technical Terminology & Documentation
  • Marketing & Media Translations
  • Legal Translations
  • Religious Translations
  • Website Translations

Our linguistic team is backed up by a number of technical consultants, with specialities in a range of different industries and economic sectors. Others come from professional fields such as the law, finance, engineering, and the health or life sciences

Professional Scientific and Technical Translation

Our highly skilled English and Arabic linguists have a wide range of skills and life experiences. Each one of our technical document translators was chosen for their deep understanding of a technical discipline or their background in a particular industry.

Indeed, many have professional or technical training which makes them particularly well skilled at delivering the reliable engineering translation services our clients need.

Though we are most commonly asked to translate technical terms and documents between English and Arabic, we also offer translations between other major languages, such as:

  • Chinese to English
  • Indian to English
  • Arabic to English
  • English to Arabic
  • German to English
  • German to Arabic
  • Japanese to English
  • Korean to English
  • Over 80 languages possible!

No matter what combination you require, we can provide the document or spoken translation services you need.

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Arabic Technical Translation – UK to Dubai

We offer technical translation services worldwide but with deep roots in Dubai & the UAE you can rest assured that whatever Arabic technical translation services you require, we have you covered. For your convenience, we maintain offices in Dubai, China, Germany and the UK, and have Project Management Teams tasked with covering all of the world’s time zones. Our translation services truly have a worldwide reach.

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