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Professional Interpreting Services


Make Creative Word your go-to interpreting agency in the UK

Creative Word offers both a professional and comprehensive interpreting service to cover all our clients interpreting needs.  Our trained professional interpreters are willing to help you and your organisation to communicate with non-English speakers across a wide range of circumstances.

We understand how important it is to ensure communication between individuals and large groups is always clear, concise and understood and our interpreting services covers areas from court interpreting to conferences and seminars and meetings to exhibitions.

At Creative Word we appreciate how important it is to make sure that our clients always receive the most reliable, high quality language service possible.

Simultaneous interpreting in UK

Interpreting Services

Face to Face

Our Face to Face Interpreting Services will help you to communicate in a number of situations. From business meetings to appointments, training events or conferences.

We have two kinds of Face to Face Interpreting:

  • Consecutive Interpreting: when the interpreters listen to the speakers before they interpret.
  • Simultaneous Interpreting: when the interpreters translate what is being said at the same time as the speaker.

Telephone Interpreting

At Creative Word interpreting agency our Telephone Interpreting Service is a quick and easy solution. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it takes place anytime without geographical limitations.

  • Full and complete language support
  • Minimal costs

Video Interpreting

Using a Video Interpreting Service means that you can have a good quality interpreting session at lower cost to your business.

It’s the perfect interpreting service to reduce costs and time:

  • Our Interpreters do not need to travel
  • A 24/7 service

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Simultaneous Interpreting Agency

Our Interpreters

We have a team of 250+ interpreters across the UK and 1000+ across Europe and the GCC.  This allows us to provide our clients with a wide range of business languages in a number of locations, unlike most other interpretation agencies.

If you are looking for a quality interpreting services for telephone interpreting, video interpreting, consecutive interpreting or simultaneous interpreting…whatever you need, we can help you with.

Language for Interpretation Services

We have a large team of linguists from all over the world, making it possible for us to translate, interpret, design and train into more than 80 languages.
Our interpreters are specially selected to ensure they have an in-depth knowledge of both your desired language, but also the niche or industry you operate in, so whether its in Arabic, English or any other language you can be confident in the accuracy of our interpreting services.

Below are some of the most popular foreign languages for our interpretation services.

English Interpreting Service


German Interpreting Service


Italian Interpreting Service


Spanish Interpreting Service


Hindi Interpreting Service


French Interpreting Service


Russian Interpreting Service


Portuguese Interpreting Service


‘Many thanks for you and your teams’ fantastic effort on behalf of us. I really appreciate it and am sure we’ll be doing more business in the future.’

Project Co-ordinator, CCM Consultancy

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