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Professional Legal Translation Services

Creative Word: Your trusted translation partner for legal documents & translation services

At Creative Word, we are not just creative. We know that the translation of legal documents requires exacting precision and a masterly grasp of legal terminology.

Our global network of highly accredited legal translators means we have the linguistic and cultural expertise required to satisfy the needs of any legal system around the world.

Creative Word is a leading name in the translation industry, handling thousands of translation projects every year. Our clients include top law firms, prestigious corporates and individual clients with the highest standards.

Placing your legal documents in the hands of others requires trust. So put your trust in the experts here at Creative Word.

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Legal Translation Services

In legal translation, accuracy is critical. You need to be confident that your translated legal documents will be accepted by the target country’s authorities, or hold up in a court of law.

At Creative Word, our legal translators boast a broad range of experience across all types of legal documents. Many have undertaken legal training themselves, and a keen eye for detail is an essential part of their role.

We can help with almost any legal document, such as:

Business & Written Contracts
Witness Statements
Marriage Licenses
Immigration Documents
Lasting Powers of Attorney

Expert Legal Translators

Each of our legal translators is hand-picked for their expertise in certain legal systems and areas of the law, such as corporate, charity, intellectual property, and many more. Our linguists are also supported by experienced reviewers and proofreaders, giving you a double layer of assurance.

We offer legal translation in the following languages:

  • English to Arabic, or Arabic to English
  • English to Chinese
  • English to Russian
  • English to Farsi
  • English to Tamil
  • English to French
  • Over 80 languages possible!

Whatever languages you may need, we have worked on some of the most complex translation projects – so you can rest assured that we can help.

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Accurate and reliable legal translation

With offices in London, Beirut and Dubai, as well as Global Project Management teams covering all time zones, we are always ready to talk to you about your legal translation project. Contact us today to find out why we are the trusted partner of choice for quality worldwide translations in all legal areas.

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