How Localising Product Descriptions Benefits Worldwide Sales - Creative Word

Successfully selling products online to a global market requires localised product descriptions for new, target markets. Customers want to know what they are purchasing, be confident about ingredients, production, packaging materials, and so on, and they also want to navigate products in their native language.

Localising product descriptions doesn’t just mean you need to translate the descriptions on your website, it also includes factors such as, weight, number and date formats, sizes and volume measurements, or ingredients, function and uses.

The following points highlight why localised product descriptions are a must if you trade globally.


1. Localisation Improves Sales

Offering a native language website to your international customers has been shown to increase sales in numerous studies, however, it isn’t only your main pages that require translation and localisation.

Imagine trying to purchase an item of clothing from a website that offers content in your native language, but when you get to selecting the size, it doesn’t offer localised sizing options. You may well choose to do a bit of research around metric or imperial sizing measurements, or you may just click off of the site and find similar clothing available from a website that offers localised sizing options.

Losing potential customers at the point of sale, due to lack of localised content, means wasted money on other translated content and dissatisfied potential customers.

In the research mentioned above, over 50% of consumers questioned said they only ever buy from websites available in their native language, and that 85% of those asked believe that “pre-purchase information in their own language is a critical factor to buying insurance and other financial services”.

Brand trust, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty are improved with localised content and that all adds up to improved sales.


2. Product Localisation can Reduce Returns

When your web content and product descriptions have been accurately, and professionally, translated and localised, your customers will be able to find all the information they require to make the right purchase.

This will reduce the amount of returns that are made due to customers ordering the incorrect size, amount, or finding that the product wasn’t what they expected.

Working with a professional language services provider will ensure your product description and web content is accurately translated and localised, and will give you greater value for your money.


3. Localised Product Description Help Search Engine Optimisation

Localising your product descriptions (for all of your different language websites) will also help to improve your SEO rankings in each location.

Customers will search for specific terms in their native language, and if your product descriptions are in this language, they are more likely to show in their show in their results. If the search engine can’t find what the customer has searched for within your site it may not show up at all.

Product descriptions shouldn’t just cover the basic information about the product, they should also be a way of enticing a customer to make a purchase through describing positive features, offering relevant information and uses, or highlighting quality.

Working with a professional localisation team will mean that your product descriptions are accurate, relevant, culturally acceptable and engaging for your customers so that they will want to interact with your products and make a purchase.


If you would like to discuss how the Creative Word team can help with localising your product descriptions you can contact us here, and you can also check out how satisfied our clients have been with our translations and localisations here.