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At Creative Word we strive for excellence with every translation and localisation project we complete, be it a short voice over translation for a work-based training DVD, or a localised marketing project for a multinational company.

Our professional translation team are on hand to offer translation advice, quality service and expert linguistic knowledge, no matter which language or region you require.

If you are thinking about using a professional language service provider, and are considering Creative Word as a possible option, you might ask yourself how we achieve such high levels of success and excellence?

The answer can be found here…


The History of Creative Word

Creative Word was formally known as Kwintessential Arabia and was set up in 2003 by three partners, with the purpose of supporting businesses through the challenges of globalisation and internationalisation.

In 2015 we rebranded to Creative Word in a bid to be more connected to our services and give a fresher look to our brand.

We have kept the same professional team of skilled linguists, managers and trainers at the core of our business, and clients’ requirements and needs are central to our ethos.

Our success over the last two decades means we now have offices in London, Dubai, Beirut, Frankfurt and Bordeaux.


The Creative Word Team

At Creative Word we understand that our translation service is central to the success of your project, so to ensure the best service we have a team of experts from DTP specialists to highly qualified linguists, and from Legal Trainers to Graphic Artists who will help to create your vision.

At the hub of every translation project are our Relationship Managers, whose job it is to ensure every clients’ specifications and requirements are understood in minute detail. This guarantees that our expert linguists and industry specialists can exceed your expectations for your project, and that it is completed on time, within budget parameters and without any unnecessary anxiety.

The Creative Word Team in Depth
In order for you to fully understand the excellence and coordination that goes into every translation and language service we offer at Creative Word, it is worth looking at the team in depth, as this shows how each project is managed and coordinated.

Each Creative Word team, wherever it is located, is similarly structured ensuring a well-coordinated approach across borders and regions.


Office Managers

Our office managers ensure the day to day running of our business processes across the company.

They may organise and facilitate meetings between you and our relationship managers, deal with reports and correspondence between clients and Creative Word staff, they help with organising office administration systems, and communicate with their counterparts in our other offices.


Relationship Managers

Our relationship managers are the people who communicate and interact with our clients, carefully managing every aspect of your working relationship with Creative Word.

They strive to give you the best service for your money and aim to improve every interaction you have with us.

At Creative Word our relationship managers are highly trained in all aspects of the translation industry. With strong analytical skills and excellent communication abilities, they are best placed to help with queries from clients, and help our staff meet your needs.


Project Managers

Our project managers handle your translation processes from the initial review of your project to engaging and briefing our expert linguists.

They will monitor and evaluate every step of your translation project for you, ensuring that it is completed on time, within budget and fulfils your exact requirements.

Project managers communicate with relationship managers so that any issues are speedily resolved and overcome.


Web Designers

At Creative Word we offer a team of specialist web designers who work on creating, designing and adapting websites into foreign languages.

They are highly trained in all aspects of website construction, with a unique creative flair, ensuring they are adept at design but can also deal with elements such as layout, appearance, and usability.

Multilingual web design for international markets is their speciality.


We have a vast pool of fluent, expert interpreters available to draw upon for virtually every language.

They are professional, well-trained interpreters whose discretion and skilled aptitude can be relied upon for interpretation services for conferences, meetings, telephone interpreting, or 1-to-1 scenarios.

Our linguists are fully versed in the required language and completely understand cultural, social and religious aspects for their chosen language.

We also cover any type of interpreting service you might need from simultaneous to consecutive, and from whisper to telephone interpreting.

We are proud to say that all our translators are fully-qualified, full-time, highly skilled linguistics that offer a professional translation every time.

They understand all the cultural and social aspects of their chosen languages and have spent time living and working within these cultures so their expertise and knowledge is first-hand.

At Creative Word we deal with all types of translation but specialise in the following:

Website Translations
Legal Translations
Technical Translations
Marketing Translations
Religious Translations
Creative Translations
Religious Translations

We are also experts in Arabic language translation and have an office in Dubai where we frequently work alongside official government departments to offer specialised training courses and translations.


Graphic Artists

In an effort to offer a fully comprehensive language service we have formed a team of localisation experts who have strong, creative graphic skills.

They can assist with all elements of design for everything from brochures to websites, or training manuals to App creation.

Our team of experts can localise design for international audiences and understand the complexities and nuances of design elements for multiple regions.



At Creative Word we only work with the most talented and experienced trainers.

We cover training programmes for many industries, but specialise in legal and cross cultural training, including soft skills.

We offer bespoke and general training courses, covering areas such as:

Employment Law
Financial Crime
Management and Business Skills
Customer Service
Communication Skills
International Business
Marketing Training


As you can see, at Creative Word we take translation very seriously and believe that every project we undertake deserves a high level of excellence.

Our team has been designed to give you the best value for your money, and the most professional translation service available.
If you would like to discuss any aspect the language services we provide, please contact us at Creative Word where we will be happy to discuss your project.